10+ Of The World’s Most Expensive Stolen Works Of Art That Still Remain Missing


Did you know some of the world’s most expensive art still remains missing to this day?

Paintings and sculptures of the past give us a sense of our history. Where would we be without the beloved Mona Lisa? Art plays a critical role in our lives and speaks to various matters like politics, religion, science, and history. Art is known to have an immortalizing effect.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is the most recognizable and most visited piece of art in the world today. Imagine if she hadn’t been recovered after thieves attempted to steal her only to be caught 2 years later. There is other art to the likes of the Mona Lisa out there – still missing. Art is so important that the FBI maintains a list of top 10 art crimes worth millions of dollars.

Here is a list of stolen art of original pieces that trustworthy sources indicate once existed and cannot be found in museums nor private collections. Some have even been stolen and never recovered.