15+ Before And After Ideas That Clear your Renovations


Apartments used for a long time will often be damaged or out of date due to long-term interior design. Then you have enough economy you want to design and renew your apartment. You do not have to worry that we have collected 15 designs before and after editing for your reference and choose an option.

#1. What’s your next project? What a lovely retreat?

2. Beautiful!!!

By @adhouseplans

3. Great as a secret hideaway

#4. Would work with fibreglass tho? good idea if it was made slightly differently

5. Looks very sleek and organized!

By @palletfurnalia

6. Great stairs before and after. Made by professional crafters

7. Amazing transformation!

7.1 Before

#7.2 After 

? Credit: @storyofstyle!

8. Amazing Transformation!



Tag someone that needs to see this! Credit: @celcticsmithy ??

9. What a transformation



? Credit: @ck_homestyle!

10. Convert A Old Wall to New Wall. It’s Amazing new Wall.

#10.1 Before Working



11. Huge improvement with this renovation ?!



? Credit: @where_lou_lives!

12. Amazing transformation!



? Credit: @imaginedesignandbuild!

13. The natural wood was beautiful the green is ok but a trend that will look dated in a few years



? Credit: @homeatvictoriaroad!

14. What is the paint color of the wall❣️❣️❣️❣️, looks stunning



? Credit: @beyondtheblankcanvas!

15. Bathtub and toilet in one room facing each other is sooo NASTY? ! Imagine you are soaking peacefully and someone needs to use the toilet to poop ……. the smell and everything will destroy your “me time”. Architects around the world should learn from Japanese way of separating the bathroom and toilet.



? Credit: @gaia_miacola_architetto!




? Credit: @dsa_properties!










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