15+ Creative Wooden Material Ideas That Wake up Your Passion


We bring together 15 creative furniture ideas that will amaze you, whether or not you are a furniture fan, and want to own them.

#1. With “What do you think?” Some fan answer as:

“Pain in the behind. Better to add shelves on the wall than in front of the washer/dryer.”

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#1.2 “It’s all fun and games until one loses while you unload and you get knocked out”

#2. Looks dangerous after a few beers

By @hk.selections

#3. Any info on angles you could provide please? find that to be the hardest part of chair design

#4. It is a bit much. Might look better as a bookcase.

#5. Small and not big enough to live in the place.but only for one person to stay in as camping outside naturally

#6. Three year old me would sit there and break off every twig until there were none left. Adult me… same.





By @jacobwitzling

#7. Indoor outdoor seating is ok as long as you’re indoors outdoors seating.

#8. Wow..gorgeous looking. Such talent!!

By @nelsontreehouse

#9. I like old rough lumber stairs like that but that post should be stand alone. What is on the backside of the post and why is it there? Bot being rude because I know sometimes you never know why something had to be the way it had to be. I just think it would be cleaner with a notched, stand alone post with one big cap on top. Not sure what that cap is doing




By @dustylumberco

10. ? what a beauty ? unrealistically cool and interesting ? great project ? well done

By @alpineluxurychalets

11. Very clear. Moving in ?


By @squirrelsnest_ @jameslloydcole

#12. This is nuts Jack, you nailed it

#13. Actually – that looks like that plastic that’s made to look like wood ~

#14. I don’t get it. The ascending triangles actually take up a huge footprint that can be planted in. Poor design IMO. You can get the same planting area without the tiers


15. Beautiful, but I can barely read a clock with the numbers on it ?

By @sagan_wood

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