15+ Photos Prove That Labor Is The Root of Creativity


Creativity only occurs in the process of human labor. When working, people always tend to innovate and innovate in order to make their work more efficient and faster. In each human situation, people work with different initiatives. But in general, that creativity brings the better at work. But not all is good. We collect 15 creative images in construction to help you have a better view of each specific situation.

#1. when the carpenter is a fan of the fashion brand Nike

#2. Creative ideas about floor Drain

#3. Simple builder clothes hanger

#4. what is your comment or could it be construct straight? what is the reason?

5. Creativity in poverty

6. Poverty reduces the safety of construction operations.

7. what is your first thought??

8. Rate this Staircase

10. Amazing

11. Creative building steps

12. Creativity becomes outrageous

13. Unsafety. What is your comment?

14. It’s just the right form!

15. Fix

16. Nice Idea

17.  Right solution