15+ Times Boston Home Inspectors Discovered Such Interesting Things, They Just Had To Take A Photo


Just like Alpha Alpha Structural, Inc. (previously here, here, and here), Boston Home Inspectors also rain on people’s parades. Well, kinda. In a nice way.

“We are hired by the buyer of a property to inspect the exterior of the house, basement, and structure along with all of the home systems,” James Brock of Boston Home Inspectors told Bored Panda. “We test all the outlets, appliances, windows, doors, and bathroom fixtures. We, both, look for items not installed properly or that may be deteriorated, defective, or have an item of concern. For example, a leak or unsafe conditions.”

Besides looking for problems or issues, the company educates the buyer about the investment that they will be making. “We teach them how the various components in their new home work and what to expect for life expectancy and what to plan for future maintenance.”

During the past 24 years, Boston Home Inspectors have seen quite a bit in their job. From crazy DIY solutions to years of neglect, they share pictures of their most interesting finds on social media. Here are some of the most popular ones