17 People Who Went Against the System and Made Us Stop in Our Tracks


All people tend to do certain things the same way, with a method that was shown to them by someone else. For example, most of us were taught to cut a watermelon by slicing it right in the middle and taking a nice piece out of it. However, this is not the universal way people choose to complete this task. Stay tuned and you’ll see many other surprising ways people chose to do things.

Bright Side compiled 17 images that show how going against the norm can make anyone stop what they’re doing and stare.

#“My wife: ’I’d like some watermelon, but I can’t be bothered to slice the whole thing.’”

# A manual on how to create fewer parking spaces

# “Excuse me mug, you are confused.”

#“This balcony has a balcony on it.”

#“What a nice place to relax in Czechia.”

#Fortunately, there is a sign as well.

# “Can’t beleave they’d leaf it like this.”

#“Who went through with this?”

# “Santa’s going to be all confused this year.”

#“I selected image #315 from a book of decorations to be applied to the cake. This was the outcome.”

# “Even German efficiency takes a break on the weekends.”

# “Soap was never an option.”


“Can you make a cake like this image?”

“Sure thing.”

#“Ah yes, it’s finally avocado season.”

# It’s true that heels get wounds over time.

#“I think something happened to Luigi.”

#Imagine if everyone was following these arrows exactly.

What is the most preposterous thing you’ve ever seen someone do or have done yourself? We would love to see any photos if you’ve got them.

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Preview photo credit DatScotty / reddit, **BlueSci** / reddit