18 Dog Reactions That’ll Make You Howl With Laughter


People often get dogs not just to have a pet but also to feel protected. Sometimes, though, these expectations aren’t exactly met.

Bright Side gathered some photos of dogs who weren’t ready to become guards and showed it in the most hilarious ways.

#You’re right to be scared of this guy, buddy.

#”Scared by fireworks, our dog was really determined to stay next to Daddy.”

#When you’re scared even on your birthday.

#”Our little dog is scared of storms. But bookshelves are safety, apparently.”

#”You said we were going to the park. Liar!”

#So that’s what my husband meant when he said our dog was a bit of a coward…

#”My God, what is this monster?!”

#My boyfriend’s dog isn’t too brave.

#”We hope it can’t fly, at least.”

#This is what my dog looks like when I’m vacuuming.

#”What’s this? What’s happening here?!”

#Someone’s afraid of leaving the carpet.

#See this nose? It and its huge body are afraid to go down the stairs!

#”What IS this thing?!”

#”Hold me! I’m scared!”

#My dog thinks it’s the best place to hide from the vacuum.

#”Kitties, I’m afraid of you!”

#This jumping, wall-climbing sheep is freaking Otis out.

Preview photo credit Hipster007 / reddit, thefrogman