19 Hilarious Photos Showing the Lies We All Tell on Social Media


On social media, people attempt to be better than they really are. They tend to stage their photos, whether it’s a shot of their nutritious meal, a super cute puppy or a sunny chill-out-day picture to make it look as though they’re “perfect,” as well as everything around them. But in reality, that puppy picture probably took 18 attempts, and that beautiful bowl full of oatmeal and fruit doesn’t likely represent their healthy lifestyle.

Bright Side has collected 19 amusing pictures peeling away the mystery behind “the ideal life”.

#Things we do for a good photo

#“Trying to take a nice photo of our pets”

#An attempt to be the perfect family

# Keeping a healthy diet

# Loving each other

#Dream boy vs reality boy

#Spending a lovely day at the beach

# “The cuteness of our pets as it is”

#The neatest person of the year

#“Finally nailed swimming on the inflatable ring!”

#Don’t trust the advertisement, it doesn’t look that attractive.

#Being that loving couple

#What hides behind this flawless skin?

# The reality of cuddling with our partners

#When we try to show our best side:

#Traveling to the nicest places can be surprising.

#Stunning makeup

# A tasty-looking healthy breakfast

#Beauty when no one is watching

Be honest: do you tell these kinds of lies on social media? If so, what was your worst lie? Let us know in the comments!

Preview photo credit bupsikitty / Instagram