20+ Concrete Surface Finishing Images Prove That Build From Most Ingenious Workers


We collect concrete surface finishing images of the most skilled workers that will awaken your creativity.

#1. Beautiful Irish autumn day for some more commercial work. We got off to bad start late delivery and then access on site was pretty tight but these things happen gotta figure it out and get it done. That Crete won’t wait for nobody

#2. Do all paths have a heavy broom cause of weather there

#3. Back on commercial this week. Last phase of this development. One down ten more to go!#4. Not to be the ass hole of the coments but isent that a rough broom.I would of used a softer broom or waited a littel longer#5.  Great work ? of the time!!! Looks good!!! ?????#6. Creativity is the limitless possible way anything can be done. A broom finished concrete firepit areaBy @vj_concrete

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#7. Really nice work of concrete.By @vj_concrete

#8. Perfectly executed#9. High skill#10. Nice way#11. Amazing Finishing#12. Creative works#13. Last pour we did before lockdown. It was the second part of this stunning new build in Mayo, Ireland#14.#15.#16.#17.#18.

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