20 Hilarious Photos of Coworkers Killing Time in the Office (Warning: If You’re a Boss, Make Sure Your Employees Never See This Article)


According to this survey 45% of the US workforce is bored at work. And it seems that boredom results in a lot of creativity and pranks.

Bright Side has collected some hilarious shots that will definitely amaze you.

#After 6 hours we decided to check to see what happened to this guy.

# Does anyone besides me do actual work at the office?

#Here’s why you should never leave your badge at home:

# Oh my gosh! There’s a big leak in the boiler room.

#This guy is still more productive than me when I’m bored at work.

#When your company adopts a space-saving policy:

#Just for Paul?

#This device helps speed up the process so you can get back to work ASAP.

#Why do they hate their colleagues so much?

#When you don’t like some people in your office:

# I wish I had this much time at work.

# A project manager from our office is getting married and this is our gift to her.

#When you have free time again, color them.

#I had some free time at work and now I have a car.

#Were you bored or inspired at work?

#She works at a high-end hair salon and sends me photos like this when she’s bored.

# This looks like a modern art sculpture.

#When you are a master at Tetris:

#Get up, stand up. Stand up for your wires.

#When you can’t wait for your vacation:

Is there a space for creativity at your office? Do you invent things when you are not in the mood to work? Tell us your stories below!

Preview photo credit FlyTie / Reddit