20+ People Who Suddenly Felt Like Gulliver in the Land of Little People


From having a height advantage when it comes to concerts where the audience is standing, to their friends or colleagues who’ve had to look up to them whenever they talk to them — tall people find it hard to make their world somehow small for them. Despite this, they seem to somehow manage with their “huge” experiences!

Bright Side brings you 20+ people who are gigantic enough to make you feel small.

#A Dutch employee gets interviewed by Chinese media

# “I’m not a giant, I’m just installing new flooring at a pre-school.”

# Olivier “The Dutch Giant” Richters

#The condo isn’t really fit for his shower needs.

#This 6’3″ guy is taking a normal bus.

# “I love it when there’s no one sitting in front of me.”

#He is the tallest among his friends.

#Mom: 5’7″, Wife: 5’9″ in heels, Me: 6’7″, Dad: Giant

# “This is the height my sister thought she should hang this mirror at.”

#Small bathrooms are the worst.

#This guy took away the spotlight of the first placer.

#This guy found a solution to his mirror problem.

# “Never fly normal economy if you’re 6’8”.”

# “Me with my 4’10” friend Jackie”

# “When it comes to hotel robes, one size does not fit all.”

#“If I could summarize my recent trip to Japan in one photo, this would be it.”

#“Getting a shirt tailored in Vietnam”

# NBA player Muggsy Bogues with Yao Ming

#This tall guy roams around Spain.

# When your legs are the height of someone’s shoulders:

# He really stepped up his marriage!

# The University of Kentucky girls basketball players and their cheerleaders.

# “My sister-in-law with her hubby and his family”

#“Gave my friend my pants to use as a blanket during our sleepover.”

Are you one these Gulliver-like people? Would you ever want to be the official selfie stick of your family or friends? It would be wonderful to hear all of your thoughts, just leave a comment down below!

Preview photo credit giceman715 / Reddit, Brianvanderbol / Twitter