20+ Pictures That Prove Animals Have More in Common With Humans Than We Thought


Swiss scientists have started to work on decoding the “language” cats speak and plan to “hack” it by the year 2021. And though the research is still in process, one of its participants, Susanne Schötz, has already published the book The Secret Language of Cats. Anyway, in order to understand the fluffy characters of our article, you won’t need any books, because everything they are thinking, is written all over their faces.

Bright Side has been assured, once again, that nothing that is supposedly human is alien to animals and sometimes they behave just like all of us. We realized that we can illustrate our entire lives with the pics of those who have whiskers and tails.

#Mom: “Sit in front of the Christmas tree and smile NORMALLY.”

#“My girlfriend’s cat looks like she’s been working the drive-thru window for too long.”

#The joys of motherhood

#When you just got up and are trying to wake up under the cold shower:

#“She got in the way while I was getting ready for bed so she could admire herself in the mirror.”

#“It seems that an Italian has settled in my cat.”

#When you got promo makeup in a beauty salon and they show you the result:

#Long-awaited weekend

#He knows all your secrets.

#How I look when I try to visually enlarge my lips:

#When you ordered shoes online, but they are too big for you:

#An effective way to win any dispute

#“How I behave when a person I don’t know well tries to hug me”

#“How I feel when I use a smart word in a conversation”

#“Darling, there was a cake in the fridge. Where is it?”

#When you have to go to work at rush hour:

#“My cat looks like she just broke up with a guy and is trying to remind him who he lost.”

#“It seems my cat is trying his best not to laugh.”

#“Whatever this cow is thinking about, I understand her.”

#Me one second after I tell someone I’m not even tired yet

#“My dog looks like a middle-aged man who just took his first selfie.”

Do you have pets who also behave like people? We would be glad to see their photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit kremer495 / Twitter