23 Photos Showing That Sometimes the Whole World Is Against You


We all have days where we always catch the green traffic light, get praised at work, and our kids bring home nothing but straight A’s from school. But sometimes literally every endeavor ends in disappointment.

Bright Side has collected 23 photos of failures that are impossible to look at without tears welling up in your eyes.

#”First I thought it was a giant nut. But no, it was a coupling nut.”

#OK, Google, how do I get a trampoline out of a tree?

#That’s how you almost become a millionaire.

#”And so Monday begins…”

# That was the last roll.

# “I just wanted to spice it up!”

#Is this a sign that I don’t have to go to work?

# “I was putting up Christmas lights, but now it looks like I’m stuck on the roof.”

# So how am I supposed to open it?

#The driver had a bad day. The underwriter had an even worse one.

# Screen, please don’t be broken!

#The embodiment of the phrase “all at once.”

# Do you also want to hug him?

#”I just got to work.”

# Cat litter scattered on the carpeted stairs. We’re with you, dude!

#Mission impossible

# When Tuesday feels like Monday:

# Who stole all the chocolate from my cookies?

# “I guess I live here now.”

#”We have a faulty cable, and we need to find it.”

# “My vacuum did a thing to my carpet today…”

# Mission “Friday” failed.

#”This is how I felt getting my flu shot today.”

Have you ever found yourself in an equally desperate situation? Share your stories in the comments section!

Preview photo credit wakawaq / imgur