25+ Workarounds Made By Brazilian Engineers Who Do Not Know The Word Limits (Part 2)


There are great chances that almost all Brazilians, as well as many people around the world, at some point in their lives, have made the famous “gambiarras” to get rid of a tight squeeze. In the face of difficulties, improvising is the best way to solve any problem.

Some people, however, do not know the word “limits” and decided to elevate the concept of creativity, creating things that would possibly defy the laws of physics, architecture and engineering. By the way, who or what would explain these constructions?

Some hilarious and shocking images that demonstrate exactly the ingenuity we mentioned above.

15 – A 2-in-1 construction: here the pillar is also the ground floor of the house

16 – At the very least, this house represents a challenge to be studied

17 – The purpose here is to reach…?

18 – Adhesive tape has 1001 uses, but of course, keeping columns fixed is not one of them

19 – Reinventing all possibilities without harming the population

20 – “Each one does a part of the work, at the time we gather and present”

21 – Now imagine climbing this ladder at night

22 – Execution of a work? No, a balance test!

23 – Why support the walls, right?!

24 – With the planning and techniques employed, this “foundation” can be considered a work of art

25 – Yeah… the designer of this ladder should be fired immediately

26 – After so many architectural absurdities, here’s a solution for the short people… it’s the only explanation we found for this “feat”

In the city you live in, are there any gems of engineering that are famous, such as those shown in the examples above? Share a photo with us in the comments! We are curious!