35 knock-out gnocchi recipes to make tonight


Semolina gnocchi osso buco

“This gnocchi is super easy and perfect for home-cooked osso buco. Spend your time nailing the veal and have these pillows standing in the wings. I like when delicious things are easy to make,” says Monty Koludrovic.

Pork belly ‘osso buco’ with saffron gnocchi

“This is a take on the veal shank favourite. I like a nice golden crust on the pork belly before braising,” says Shannon Bennett.

New-potato gnocchi with rabbit and tarragon

This comforting gnocchi is the perfect food for a rainy night on the coach, or a low-key dinner party.

Pan-fried ricotta gnocchi, tomatoes and bacon vinaigrette

Super quick and super delicious. What more could you want?

Roast beetroot gnocchi with fresh ricotta

Silvia Colloca’s gnocchi alla Sorrentina with taleggio

Super easy and wonderfully filling, says Silvia. We’re sold.

Gnocchi with walnuts and sage

Nothing beats homemade gnocchi. This recipe is by Aaron Suine of Kittawa Lodge.

Gnocchetti tirolese with salami and parmesan

This entree is the perfect way to kick off an Italian feast. This is an edited extract from Ombra: Recipes from the Salumi Bar by Carlo Grossi (Lantern, $39.99), on sale now.

Gnocchi alla Romana (Roman-style baked semolina gnocchi)

Low-key comfort food at its finest.

Ricotta gnocchi with quick prawn ragu

“Something rather exciting happens when you treat prawn meat like mince. The edges turn crispy and caramelised, attracting all the sugars from the tomatoes and wine to cling to its unruly surface.” This is an edited extract from Simple Italian by Silvia Colloca, (Plum, $39.99). Available February 23. Photography by Rob Palmer.

Tray-baked ricotta gnocchi with capsicum and tomatoes

A dinner this good on the dinner table in under 20 minutes? You bet!

Braised beef shin and porcini pasta bake

Rich, cheesy and laced with hearty slow-cooked beef shin and porcini, this pasta bake screams comfort.

Gnocchi, wild mushrooms, broccolini and breadcrumbs

Add crunch with rustic torn breadcrumbs to this comfort food classic.

Goat’s cheese gnudi with mushrooms and kale pesto

Completely gluten-free and totally good for you.

Easy rustic gnocchi

Making your own gnocchi from scratch has never been so easy. This recipe is an extract from 5 Ingredients – Quick & Easy Food by Jamie Oliver (Penguin Random House), in stores now.

Pumpkin and sage baked gnocchi

Just when you thought pasta bakes couldn’t get any better, this easy recipe for pumpkin and sage gnocchi comes along.

Comforting ricotta gnocchi with pistachio pesto

Make dinner the easiest thing you do all week with this comforting dish by Valli Little.

If you love gnocchi, just wait until you try our ricotta gnudi with lemon and sage sauce

Gnudi are a lighter version of gnocchi, made with ricotta instead of potatoes.

Smoked duck breast with chestnut gnocchi and kale

Josue Lopez from Brisbane’s GOMA creates an Aussie version of a very British dish. Bring blighty to the great outdoors with this fresh and light version, perfect for alfresco dining this summer.

Gnocchi with walnut, rosemary and pecorino pesto

Frying gnocchi adds a little extra crunch to this super easy dish that’s perfect for those days when cooking dinner after work seems impossible.

Parmesan and cavolo nero gnudi with lemon butter

Gnudi are gnocchi-like dumplings made with ricotta cheese instead of potato, with semolina.

Caramelised garlic and spinach gnocchi with ricotta

Packed with English spinach to top you up with B-vitamins like folate, this carb-boosting gnocchi recipe will help you start your week right.

Silvia Colloca’s gnocchi with lamb sauce

Wow your dinner-party guests with an Italian showstopper, says Silvia Colloca.

White bean gnocchi with quick balsamic lamb ragu

Warm up winter nights with our clever white bean gnocchi with lamb ragu.

Gnocchi with pepita and rocket pesto

Fresh herbs of spring are key in this classic gnocchi recipe.

Pan fried gnocchi, broccoli, toasted bread and egg

Pan-fried gnocchi is sure to impress any guests, especially when paired with eggs and broccolini in this comforting main.

Chickpea gnocchi with harissa roasted ocean trout

Light fluffy gnocchi without the hassle of cooking potatoes? Welcome chickpea gnocchi.

Gnocchi with artichoke, peas and gorgonzola

The creamy gorgonzola makes Massimo Mele’s recipe for gnocchi decadent and delicious.

Garlic and spinach gnocchi with lemon and pecorino

It’s easy being green with these simple lemon and pecorino topped spinach gnocchi.

Gnocchi with roasted capsicum sauce

Switch out tomatoes for roasted red capsciums for this simple Italian gnocchi dish.

Baked gnocchi spanakopita with currants and pine nuts

Comfort food doesn’t mean hours in the kitchen. Our speedy baked gnocchi will instantly warm you up.

Sweet potato gnocchi with roasted capsicum and Gorgonzola sauce

Katie Quinn Davies cooks up handmade gnocchi in a rich sauce for a superb Tuscan-inspired meal.

Pan-fried gnocchi with peas, broad beans and Gorgonzola

This recipe for golden fried gnocchi and vegetables is great as a side or light meal.

Ricotta gnudi with pine nuts, currants and oregano

These light, fluffy versions of gnocchi are made with ricotta instead of potato.

Gnocchi with truffled mushrooms

Potatoes and mushrooms become gourmet dinner party fare in this decadent vegetarian main.

Gnocchi with miso butter prawns

Miso-caramelised prawns and crispy roasted kale put a delicious Asian twist on easy homemade gnocchi.

Gnocchi bolognese

These delicate dumplings marry well with rich bolognese and parmesan.

Baked gnocchi with pesto parmesan bechamel

If you’ve ever wondered how to make gnocchi even better, the answer is a homemade pesto bechamel and baking the dish to perfection.

One-pan potato gnocchi with mushrooms and blue cheese

There’s no need to cook the gnocchi separately, making this super-quick.

Bread gnocchi puttanesca

A classic Naples-inspired dish loaded with olives, tomatoes and capers.

Roman gnocchi with caponata

There’s fresh, Italian flavours abound in this comforting pasta dish.

Potato gnocchi with veal

“I’m a fan of carrying different stocks and bone broths in my fridge. Besides their nutritional value, they are very versatile to cook with” – Mike McEnearney.

Gnocchi with asparagus, edamame and parmesan

“This salad of humble ingredients was inspired by a dish we enjoyed at a fine dining restaurant in Sydney, eons ago. The cute neighbourhood bistro is long gone, but the memory of this dish prevails. The gnocchi served at the restaurant was freshly made, but for my home-style dish, I go for the everyday vacuum-packed or frozen gnocchi. Pan-fried gnocchi can almost pass for roast potato – crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside – and is just wonderful in this fun family salad. Substitute gnocchi for chat or kipfler potatoes for gluten-free” – Hetty McKinnon.

Diana Chan’s sweet potato gnocchi with sage and walnuts

MasterChef winner Diana Chan proves homemade gnocchi is no problem with this sweet potato version that’s as versatile as it is delicious.