7 Times That Two Members Of Padding Squad Proved They Are True Besties


If you’re an ARMY then you’re probably very familiar with Jimin and Taemin’s friendship and they even have a group of friends to hang out with and some other celebrities. The closeness of Jimin and Taemin is also seen in many things in common that they show and even their talent makes many people admire the great friendship of both talented artists.

BTS’s Jimin and SHINee’s Taemin are both incredible dancers and vocalists. The two are known to be good friends and they’ve even performed together! These two friends have a lot in common and they’ve even rocked the same styles on a few occasions. Here are 7 moments where Jimin and Taemin showed their resemblance to two peas in one pod completely!

1. Their silver highlights

Taemin had long hair with silver highlights for his most recent solo comeback with “Advice.”

Lately, Jimin has been trying this silver highlights, but his hair is much shorter than Taemin’s was during the “Advice” era.

However, Jimin revealed behind-the-scenes photos from when he got his highlights, and his hair looked very similar to Taemin’s in the photos!

Both of these icons look great with their silver highlights!

2. When they were the cutest bunnies ever

Bunny hats are cute enough on their own. But when they’re on these two? They’re so adorable!

3. Their adorable eye smiles

Both Jimin and Taemin have gorgeous eye smiles! Take a look at Jimin’s beautiful smile.

And Taemin has the same smile eyes.

They’re simply breathtaking when just smiling!

4. Their ѕтяιρed shirts

Jimin and Taemin both took cute selfies in black-and-wḧïẗe ѕтяιρed shirts. Needless to say, they both looked so handsome in their photos!

5. Their ower crowns

Jimin and Taemin both look so handsome with their flower crowns!

6. These iconic performances

Jimin and Taemin are both amazing performers! They’re amazing every time they ḧïẗ the stage, but they truly wowed fans with these performances. In 2017, Taemin performed while blindfolded and bound at the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

In 2019, Jimin and the other BTS members wore masks and were also bound during their Golden Disc Awards performance.

Taemin and Jimin both totally nailed these concepts, and these performances deserve to be replayed over and over again!

7. Besties in blac

Both Jimin and Taemin look exceptional in all-black outfits! This color is also their favorite color for clothes and they are so cool for this simple but attractive style.