A Depressed ARMY Coming To BTS’s Fansign To Confide To RM And His Response Made Her Drop Tear


BTS is truly an extraordinary thing in the ordinary life of many ARMYs. Because they are not only the people that ARMYs love, but they are even the ones who save the wounded souls with their music and the positive things they bring. Here is one of the stories about how BTS and their music helped an ARMY regain life and how RM listening to her story makes us feel warm.

Perhaps the reasons for us to become ARMY are many in a million reasons. But maybe you also agree with us, BTS are very different guys and so is their music. Their lyrics and melo∂ιєs carry messages of healing and alleviation of ραιи. The way they talk, express themselves, and their messages make ARMYs feel positive and live a better life too.

And that is the case with female ARMY with her ∂єρяєѕѕισи. She used to suffer from severe ∂єρяєѕѕισи and had to go to the hospital to get treatment for her illness. She revealed that it was Bangtan and their music that helped her get better during a visit to BTS’s Fansign when she got better. She confided this to RM and he used his beautiful eyes and words to comfort her.

RM asked her how BTS was able to help her through those difficult days. She said that every time she listens to I need you, she feels better. It’s a great song when it comes to pain, but it also has messages of love and a person’s presence is important to so many people.

She then burst into tears as she talked about her days with ∂єρяєѕѕισи and RM looked at her lovingly and took her hand to comfort her. RM asked her if she’s okay? so she can come here?. Namjoon also said it was great and gave her a sweet smile. Then he also gave advice that: “It’s all in the past now, let it pαѕѕ. It’s okay. We all have changes like these. It’s okay. Let’s just focus on the future, okay?”

Every gesture and word of RM are both really warm and sweet that any of us can feel his sincerity and kindness. There are probably a lot of ARMYs who have been going through hard times too and BTS has been a great strength for them to get through those tiring times. Our boys are really great artists and ARMYs are also very strong army