A Fanboy Was Struck Up Conversation By Jungkook At A BALENCIAGA Store


The story below is from a lucky fanboy who met Jungkook and was said hello by Jungkook first. This rare opportunity in this life made that ARMY extremely happy and never forgot. And surely after reading this story, we all have the thought: Everyone has met BTS except me.

The story is told by an ARMY whose friend is a lucky fanboy. The story begins with that fanboy’s trip to BTS Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert at MetLife in May 2019. The fanboy took rest of the time after the concert ended to walk around the city and do some shopping to take some items to home.

OP, after walking around the streets, decided to go to Balenciaga store to find some of his favorite items. While walking in the store and turning the corner of the store, that fanboy was lucky enough to see Jungkook walking around with some bodyguards.

The lucky fanboy immediately recognized his idol when he went to the concert the day before and was even still wearing the bracelet with the floor number of previous night concert printed on it. When he met his idol, fanboy ARMY was extremely excited and happy but he also knew and decided not to disturb Jungkook’s day off, so he avoided and continued shopping like a normal person.

But the special thing is when the fanboy was looking at an item on the shelf, he felt like someone was approaching him when suddenly someone tapped him on the shoulder. That fanboy turned around and surprisingly, it was Jungkook and the bodyguards. That ARMY was surprised because he tried not to stare at Jungkook to avoid disturbing and attracting attention. But he couldn’t believe that Jungkook would come and tap his shoulder to start their conversation.

Jungkook pointed to ARMY’s wristband, then laughed and said, “Did you like the concert?”. And of course, with a lot of excitement, the lucky fanboy told Jungkook that the concert was amazing and that Euphoria was his favorite performance and then Jungkook was very polite and thanked him for his compliment.

Last but not least, they even talked for a while (with a little help from the security guard to translate) and finally said their goodbyes. OP also thanked Jungkook for the great performance. That fanboy said that he was impressed by Jungkook’s kindness and generosity. That lucky meeting made fanboy ARMY understand why BTS is as successful as it is today.

That ARMY fanboy also recounted that Jungkook has an extremely humble and sweet attitude and that totally shows how much he cares about interacting with someone ARMY. We can even see how cute Jungkook is when he takes the initiative to approach ARMY and say hello first.