A Homeless Man Gave BTS Advice That They’re Still Following 8 Years Later


At the time when BTS started their career, they couldn’t know for sure that one day they would be able to stand at the top like they are now. But thinking back to the words of someone who gave advice to BTS when they just debuted about what they should do and become as artists, it’s true. what BTS is doing. Let’s take a look back at those days….

Back in 2014 when BTS was filming for the reality show αmєrícαn Hustle Life in the US. During episodes of the show, there was an episode where BTS walked the streets of Los Angeles with their mentors and gave food to the less fortunate on the street. They met many people and saw many fates, including a homeless man…

After receiving his meal, this man told BTS somєthing like how to repay the meal. And even years after looking back at the homeless man’s advice, it still holds true for members. He started saying: “Stay true to yourself,”, “Stay true to your heart…”

 “Be who you are, you know, don’t be like some other group

“Be who you are, right from your soul…”

“…right from what’s in you.”

“Why you’re an artist, what made you attracted to art — then be that.”

“Be true to that, that attracted you, and you’ll be good at whatever you do.”

“Never lose who you are.”

“Know who you are.”

 “Be true to your heart.”

During their more than eight-year career, BTS has always delivered music with sincerity and enthusiasm. Their hearts still beat with energetic beats, faith and dedication to music can heal souls with positive messages. They’ve inspired millions and made resounding musical history, but they’ve stayed true to their hearts and haven’t changed their true selves