A Photographer Captures Couples Who Switch Outfits, and the Results Are Beyond Wholesome


It’s important to be able to imagine yourself in another person’s shoes, but this talented photographer doesn’t stop at footwear. Hana Pesut had the creative spark for this photoshoot during a camping trip when she saw 2 of her friends with very distinct outfits — one was wearing a bright combination of leopard print and silk scarves, and the other was keeping it monochrome with a black T-shirt and jeans. She thought, “What if the clothes changed owners?”

This photo series is more than just a thrilling scroll. It also makes us think about gender norms and sparks discussions about the presentation of gender roles in today’s society.

We at Bright Side want to present you with 15+ pictures of couples that decided to swap wardrobes.



















Would you consider doing a similar photo shoot with your partner? What outfits would you pick?

Preview photo credit Hana Pesut, Hana Pesut, sincerelyhana / Instagram