A series of dating rumors about BTS once shook K-pop


BTS members have never made their relationship public. However, throughout the group’s career, BTS has not found people related to dating.

Here are the dating rumors about BTS that once rocked K-pop.


In 2015, Jin was rumored to be dating Korean comedian Lee Guk Joo. Rumors spread because when there was a rumor that she was dating a handsome trainee, so everyone believed it was Jin.
This rumor was denied by Lee Guk Joo and she explained that she never mentioned that it was Jin. Previously, Jin revealed that his ideal type is a woman with chubby cheeks.

In 2017, Jin was suspected of dating one of LABOUM’s members, Solbin. The two are paired as MCs of Music Bank. She called Jin’s name in a very intimate way. As a result, netizens began to speculate about their relationship.


Suga is the producer of Suran’s single called Wine released in April 2017. Then there were rumors that they were dating because Suga and Suran share the same nickname of “digital monster”. Things spread further when Suran posted a photo of her breakfast with the caption “Yoongi”.

In 2018, Suga and Suran’s agency confirmed that the rumors were untrue. However, many people assume that they are dating.


RM has never been caught up in dating rumors, but he has confirmed that he had a girlfriend when he was in high school. He admitted it when he guested on Problematic Men. RM’s ex is really popular among guys, so it makes RM doubt himself and feel unworthy.

RM has an ideal type, which is someone who is feminine, smart, non-smoker, charming and has a good casual style.


J-Hope is also a BTS member who has never been involved in dating rumors. He claims to have been in a pre-debut relationship and revealed it after performing Dynamic Duo’s Solo on Rookie King. J-Hope said that he had memories of his ex in that song. They broke up because their ex cheated on them.


Jimin used to love one-sidedly. He is very shy and will get nervous around his beloved. After his debut, he was also often rumored to be dating some singers.

Their dating rumors spread in 2017. Many people say that Jimin and Jeongyeon are in a love-hate relationship. There are many theories that they are dating, some of them include Jimin singing a song and Jeongyeon joining as the second vocalist.
Jimin then acted sarcastically towards Jeongyeon when the song ended. So a lot of their love-hate relationship moments were captured on fans’ cameras and people called them “Tom and Jerry”.

In September 2018, Seungyeon confessed that she has had a crush on Jimin since BTS and KARA started promoting in 2014. She also admitted that she feels happy when she sees Jimin, and she even blush.
In the next episode of Weekly Idol, BTS was the guest of the variety show. Hearing Seungyeon’s confession, Jimin replied “daebak!”. After that, a lot of fans speculated that they were dating.

Jimin and Seulgi (Red Velvet) were also rumored to be dating since 2017. At that time, fans discovered their secret signal when they were present at an awards ceremony. They also wore the same leather jacket and posted similar poses. However, SM or HYBE have never confirmed their relationship, and it’s just rumors and coincidence.


V and Tzuyu (Twice) were rumored to be dating when taking photos with other idols at the 2020 music awards ceremony. Both are often nominated for their perfect looks, even people say that they have many similarities. Not only that, V and Tzuyu were also caught expressing their feelings on social networks.

On October 14, 2021, V was caught dating the daughter of the president of Paradise Corporation. Netizens claim that he attended an exhibition with Choi Yoon Jung (Paradise Group Chairman), his wife and daughter.

Not only that, but netizens also speculated that the bracelet he was wearing was a brand belonging to Choi Yoon Jung’s daughter. But then, HYBE denied the rumors on October 15, 2021.

Since 2019, V and Kim Yoo Jung have been rumored to be dating. It’s all because they wear the same bracelet, black pendant, and are even said to have been spotted together on the subway. Fans disagreed with the news, and even their agency never responded to it.

In 2018, they got into dating rumors and Dispatch tried to reveal their relationship. In that year, Yoona became the MC of MBC Gayo, they exchanged and hugged each other backstage. Many fans thought they were dating but it turned out that they were just close friends.


In 2015, Jungkook and Nayeon (Twice) participated in Idol School Athletic Championships. It was all because of Jungkook’s reaction and the feeling of happiness when Nayeon won the wrestling match and the many signals of love that Nayeon gave. However, their agencies did not respond to the rumours.

Their rumors arose because of Jungkook’s statement. He said, “Jung Chaeyeon is my girlfriend”. But, actually, it was a misunderstanding. He immediately explained that they were just friends and that he was just focusing on his career at the time.

Many people say that Jungkook and Ye-in have a special relationship. Simply because they have the same taste and similarity in fashion, but that’s just fan speculation. In fact, many people also hope that they never date.

Jungkook and Lisa (Blackpink) are often paired up by some of their fans, and they are called “Lizkook”. All because they were born in the same year and have the position of the maknae (the maknae). These rumors surfaced in 2020, but their fans disagree as they never interacted with each other.

In 2019, he and Lee Mijoo (a tattoo artist) were rumored to be dating. It happened because Jungkook was caught on CCTV hugging a woman, and she was Lee Mijoo. However, this news was denied by them.

And most recently, there is a rumor that Jungkook is dating actress Lee Yoo Bi. However, the rumor was quickly extinguished when both sides denied it.