An ARMY Hides Her BTS Merch To Keep From Disturbing RM At The Airport During His Vacation


Our ARMYs are always polite and love BTS. Especially in recent times when BTS is going through their 2nd vacation, ARMYs are always praised for helping BTS have a complete vacation without being disturbed. Here is one of such cases:

Previously, when he just returned from a trip to Hawaii, V thanked ARMYs for pretending not to know him and helping him have a happy trip with his family. V was vacationing in Hawaii at this time, and he had also taken notice of the ARMY’s deliberate act of consideration.

Then there was a recent social media post by an ARMY with a rather amusing photo and the caption: “When you see RM when you arrive to NYC. And yank your BTS merch o ur neck so he doesn’t know you are ARMY”

The photo is of ARMY standing right behind RM at an airport in New York City. She holds in her hand some items with pictures of BTS’s BT21 and hid them behind her back. This ARMY also learned that he and all the other members are currently resting as per Big Hit’s announcement of their long break. Therefore, this ARMY quickly decided to hide his ARMY identity so as not to disturb RM’s peace so that he can have a perfect vacation.

Some ARMYs who saw this act reacted with comments like:

– “Wow, that’s really hard to do…”

– “That’s a true fan…anyone could have just shrieked and run up to them…”

– “So…kind and so…considerate. That’s a chance of a lifetime to see a BTS member up close in real life and yet…”

– “That’s a real fan”

– “Amazing”

– “I wouldn’t have been able to keep calm in that same moment