An ARMY Shared A Story About Jungkook’s Action For His Mom When He Said Goodbye To Her At The Airport


Jungkook has arrived Busan – his hometown to come to Seoul and made his dream come true. Moreover, because of his busy schedule after he becomes a super star so he couldn’t have much time for his family. So he might be miss his mom and love her so much. Once time when he got a little free time to travel with his family, an ARMY met them by chance told about the story showing the cute and lovely moment of Jungkook and his mother. Here is the story being told:

The time of this story is back to the beginning of 2018 when Jungkook went on a trip with his family during a short vacation in Jeju Island before he continued his work with BTS’s member. After spending a precious time with his family, it was time for Jungkook and his family to say goodbye to each other. OP recounted this story when she caught Jungkook, parents and brother at Jeju airport when they checked out at the airport to leave Jeju to go back to Busan, and Jungkook was on his way back to Seoul (Or maybe flying to jαpαn for the schedule at that time).

The interesting thing that OP witnessed was that when he said goodbye to his mother and family, Jungkook said “Bye mom” to his mother before going to his boarding gate. Jungkook’s face showed that he didn’t want to leave right at that time and he even said goodbye to his mom many times. Jungkook’s mother stood there and looked at him with loving sight line. OP was also lucky to α¢¢ι∂єитally made an eye contact with Jungkook’s mother.

The ARMY friend also added that Jungkook took a picture with his mother with the camera before he left. He took a lot of pictures and seemed to want to save pictures of himself and his mother. Even after checking the ticket at the gate and until he got to the back, he kept coming back to say hello to his mother. Jungkook is like a little child of his mother and family forever and didn’t want to leave even though he might. That said, how much Jungkook must have loved his mother.

Although Jungkook has now become one of the hottest idols, a Billboard star, a Grammy nominated artist, Order of Cultural Merit recipient and The Special Presidential Envoy, but in front of his mother and his family, he’s still just an adorable baby bunny. For the long rest he got now, hope that Jungkook will have happy time with his mother and his family before going back to busy schedule.