An Artist Shows What Some of Disney’s Characters’ Lives Would Look Like Today


We all view Disney as a world of fantasy and eternal joy, but artist Tom Ward thinks differently. He wants to show us a more authentic and up-to-date side of this magical universe. With his creative skills, this illustrator has managed to mix the essence of each character and their story with the world we live in today, and the result ended up being somewhat revealing and very, very original.

Bright Side cherishes other people’s art, especially when it contains messages that help us put things into perspective, as is the case here. Tom’s work, which is called Alt Disney, plus the bonus we prepared for you at the end of the article, could make you open your eyes to situations you might not have noticed yet.









#Bonus: He also imagined how other unforgettable characters might live today.

What do you think the life of Disney characters would be like today? Share your opinion with us in the comment section.

Preview photo credit Tom Ward Studio, Tom Ward Studio / Instagram