An Indian Delivery Guy Shared The Sympathetic Message Which Suga Senthim


Those who love BTS all agree that the members are always sincere and kind. Whether they’re celebrities or ordinary people they don’t know, BTS members are all caring and kind. The story below is one of such great stories about the personalities of Suga and the members of BTS. It’s a story told by a foreigner who works as a food delivery man and happens to receive an order from BTS.

Ordering fast food is one of the common things in ḳöŕệä as well as many other countries. Even BTS, they often order food to be delivered like normal people. That’s why we hear the story told below. Specifically, during a broadcast of Club FM, a radio station based in the state of Kerala, ιи∂ια interviewed a native of Kerala who worked in Kσrєα as a food delivery worker. And it was this job that gave him the opportunity to meet the BTS members and share this wonderful meeting experience

He revealed that he met members RM, Jin, Jungkook, and Suga, and even though he’s not an ARMY, he was impressed with their polite and kind demeanor! He told, “If you ask me whether I am a BTS fan or an ARMY? I am not. So I’ve met 4 of them and that too as a part of my job. The people I’ve met are Jungkook, RM, Jin, and Suga. If you ask me about the experience…All four of them are superb. They never made us feel like they have any kind of attitude about having millions of fans.”

He shared that he had absolutely no idea who the order was. He received the order and managed to deliver it despite the bad weather. But after meeting the food buyers, he recognized them because they are very famous people in ḳöŕệä, he also listens to their music so he can immediately recognize the members.

After stating that he especially would like to mention an instance, the guy recalled the time when he went to deliver som̾e̾t̾h ̾ing to SUGA on a rainy day. He said, “When making a delivery request, there is a feature where you can write to driver. In that request section, SUGA wrote som̾e̾t̾h ̾ing that I still can’t forget”. He continued,” SUGA wrote, ‘It’s a rainy day. It doesn’t matter how ever late you come. Make sure to drive carefully.” He added with a beaming smile, “Isn’t that a super quality to have?

Before SUGA debuted as a member of BTS, he was actually doing delivery work. One day while at work, he had an äċċïďệńẗ, the äċċïďệńẗ left Suga with a serious shoulder injury until later and just last year, Suga had to undergo a long term of surgery and therapy after surgery to treat the shoulder injury. It seems like SUGA wants the delivery man to be more careful based on his own experience, and his sympathetic thoughts are melting the hearts of many fans.