An OP Was Tricked By Jimin While Visiting A Restaurant On Jeju And His Cute Action Afterwards


BTS is enjoying their happy holidays and having their favorite outings. These past few days, many members have posted pictures of their lives, but it seems that Jimin hasn’t posted pictures of himself for a long time. And fortunately, he recently gave some benefits to ARMY by posting a check-in photo. Then there was an OP who recounted a memory of meeting Jimin near his destination.

The stories about meeting idols are really interesting stories and every time we hear these stories, we will probably be a little jealous and hope to meet them one day. his statue. Especially during long holidays when BTS can go where they want to go, it is easy to meet BTS in real life. OP’s story below is one of such cute and magical stories.

OP started the story by saying that he met Jimin at a famous restaurant on Jeju Island…

This place also coincides with the location that Jimin previously checked in on Instagram after Jimin’s quarantine time at home ended.

Jimin is seen with 1 friend and the other looks like his manager. Looks like Jimin enjoyed his vacation on the island with his best friend

OP shared that Jimin came for dinner and they had a pretty good time having dinner together. Jimin even joked and laughed with his friends by doing a fist bump with him who was next to. Jimin seemed to have had a very good meal because OP saw that Jimin had eaten delicious food. Jimin even rolled up his sleeves while eating, looking so cute.

Because OP wasn’t sure if he was BTS’s Jimin at first because OP had never met Jimin in real life. So out of curiosity, the OP went and asked him that: asked: “Aren’t you Jimin from BTS?

OP was a little suspicious but left anyway to avoid disturbing Jimin’s conversation and meal. After Jimin and his companions ate all the food on the table, he stood up and walked over to OP with a natural smile before leaving. Jimin admitted his identity politely: “I’m sorry to have fooled you, I really enjoyed the meal” *politely bowing in 90 degrees*

OP felt it was actually a sweet joke. That’s right, this time around, he’s not BTS’ Jimin but just an ordinary Park Jimin, a tourist who sets foot in Jeju and explores the landscape like a normal person. OP was impressed with Jimin’s cuteness and fun jokes. Hopefully the next time on vacation, Jimin will have many more wonderful trips!