ARMYs Are Excited That RM Is Touring The United States During His Break


After HYBE’s announcement that BTS will begin their second long-term break after a year of hard work, the BTS members seem to have enjoyed a very enjoyable time themselves. Besides, opening personal instagram accounts also allows the members to share more of their moments with ARMY. Recently, ARMY was very interested in RM’s sharing about what he is doing on the trip

Perhaps the past few days are the days when ARMY is immersed in the photos posted on the personal instagram of BTS members. Since opening the account, they have updated many photos of the first days of the second long vacation in their career. According to the previous schedule, Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook returned safely to ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾a while the remaining four members – RM, Suga, j-hope, and V – remained in the υиιтє∂ ѕтαтєѕ when they decided to enjoy their vacation abroad a little longer.

Of course, on the occasion of his stay in the United States, RM did not miss the opportunity to visit The ¢нιиαti Foundation, a contemporary art museum located in Marfa, Texas. Going to exhibitions and visiting museums is always a hobby of RM in every occasion to rest and recharge his energy. RM himself also shared that this helps him to relax and find more creative ideas.


Not only that, RM has long been known to be an art enthusiast as he owns several collections of his own. He showed his concern to his fans by visiting various art museums during his break from touring in various countries.


ARMYs got even more excited when RM freely posted various photos on his newly opened Instagram account and revealed how much he enjoyed his visit to the museum.


On his Instagram story, RM also posted a video in which he is talking about art with some of the museum staff. This makes ARMYs more moved than ever about RM’s worldview and his curiosity

Once again, the global K-pop leader shared his love for the arts by visiting the 340-acre contemporary art museum, which offers its own unique vibe. After seeing RM in Texas, many fans turned to other social media platforms like Twitter to share their excitement:

– joon is in texas, next stop is мєχι¢σ

– this is so boyfriend of joon

– im a firm believer that joon’s smile has healing properties like look at him.

– genuinely feeling Very Happy like my life is great rn thank u joon

– This is so true. Their smile have healing properties. Their smiles are so infectious that I can feel the happiness in my body and I get energy to continue my schoolwork – their smiles “wake up” my drowsy mind

– The most gentle and kindest smile