ARMYs Shared Some Interesting Stories About Suga Family’s Restaurant And His Dad


If you are an ARMY, definitely on your list of tourist destinations when coming to ̾k̾o̾r̾e̾a must be the Suga family restaurant. Many ARMYs who have had the opportunity to visit this restaurant spend many praises on its menu and dishes. Besides, ARMYs also recounted many interesting stories related to Yoongi’s family that they encountered at the store.

Up to now, Yoongi’s family restaurant has been open for more than 4 years and in fact the owner of the restaurant is Yoongi’s brother. The food is prepared by Yoongi’s mom, dad and brother, and Yoongi’s dad usually stands at the counter. Many ARMYs told that from the first time you saw Suga’s father, you immediately recognized him. Because he and Suga look so similar and you can clearly tell that the features Yoongi has are from his dad. ARMYs also said that Suga’s father is very handsome.

When Suga’s father listened to ARMYs that how they loved Suga very much, Suga’s father always smiled happily and kept saying surprise and asking, “I can’t understand, what is about Suga that you guys like so much”. ARMYs also feel that Yoongi and his father’s communication style is very similar. Meanwhile, Yoongi’s brother has a deep voice.

On the occasion of the opening, Suga’s seniors in Kpop sent many flower wreaths congratulation to the restaurant. Suga and BTS also sent flowers to wish good luck and sell well. Not only that, an ARMY even bought Yoongi’s dad a cup of coffee for the grand opening, but his dad told her to not need to do it and warmly thanked her. Then ARMY gave our dad Min a slogan saying “Genius Min Suga”, Dad smiled and received it.

Continuing with the heartwarming story from Yoongi’s father, an ARMY told that when she was taking pictures in the restaurant and couldn’t get a good one, Yoongi’s dad came over and showed her the corner to take the best shot. Although the restaurant is quite crowded, Suga’s father always carefully and delicately observed ARMYs.

ARMYs who ate at Yoongi’s family restaurant praised the delicious food. ARMYs all said that the price is not expensive but the food was well cooked and plentiful. During the opening ceremony, ARMYs had to wait in line for their turn but it was worth it. In the restaurant space, ARMYs also could listen to many BTS’s songs. Until now, there are some days because of the large number of customers, they always have to close quite early because they run out of things to cook.

According to an ARMY, she once received a free soda, which surprised her quite a bit. She recounted that although the restaurant was crowded, the service was quite fast and orders were prepared very quickly. In addition, the restaurant is not only popular with ARMYs, but many people who are not fans of the group also come to eat.

If you have the opportunity to go to ḳöŕệä or Daegu, don’t forget to visit Yoongi’s family restaurant and have interesting experiences!