ARMYs Suspect That V Will Go To His Birthday Event This Year After Asking The Location Of It


At the end of this month, ARMY will celebrate the birthday of the last member of BTS in this year – V. Even so, many days before birthday parties and events have been prepared for ARMYs to attend. And of course we’re all eager to get there, but perhaps it’s unthinkable that a special person wants to attend these events as well. That’s the main character of his birthday event – Taehyung.

The members of BTS are enjoying their long vacation. Besides, the members also worked hard to upload pictures of themselves on their personal Instagram accounts to update ARMYs to see. Last night, ARMY must have been extremely excited to see the story posted by V on his personal account. He’s topless with a bare face – genius beauty, of course and filming the scene in his room with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

V then went on Weverse and chatted a bit with the fans before going to shave and apparently going out afterwards: “Now end of facial hair. I’m going to go shave~”

Some of the members including V have finished self-quarantine so they can go out. He returned to kσrєα from his Hawaii tour more than 10 days ago. ARMYs are curious what V will do during his holidays in kσrєα? Going to see friends? go to eat somєthing? Going to an amusement park? Or celebrate Christmas with family?

But his next question on Weverse surprised ARMY even more. He asked that: “Places that held my birthday event, can i know which and which places they are??…”

Previously, V watched a video of more than 12 hours posted on Youtube about a project to celebrate V’s birthday on the streets of Seoul. He was so grateful for that and his happy birthday project was gorgeous too. Maybe that’s why after the self-isolation period ends, V wants to visit places to celebrate his birthday?

ARMYs were also quite surprised by this question from V and eagerly expected that he would appear at his own birthday celebration:

– He wanna visit the places and meet armys omg


– you’re randomly at a coffee birthday event of taehyung and then the real taehyung appears omg

Taehyung wants to see his b’day events..I hope he finds out

– Kim Taehyung on Weverse asking where his birthday plans and events are held at, I love how he’s always so thankful, and appreciative for ARMYs! Hope our taetae gets to visit to vbar project and every ARMYs birthday event for him because he deserved to see it sm.

– suddenly remember that today is his last day quarantine after reading this, so that means he will visit those places and take a picture with a doll??,,,,,,,no i wanna cry

– He already knows about it, a fan poster the link of the video on weverse and he replied to her (well idk if he remembers