ARMYs Were Surprised At V’s Answer When He Was Asked If He Felt Lonely During Quarantine


BTS is enjoying the members’ private time off during their second long break in their career. This rest period is not only a time for BTS to enjoy rest, but also a time for the members to appreciate each other even more. That’s also what V revealed when asked if the rest period was boring.

Although BTS is on their second long-term vacation in their career to regain their energy after a long year of hard work, the members are still diligently interacting with ARMY on social media. Recently, V answered some of ARMY’s questions including a question about whether he gets bored when he’s not with the members. An ARMY went to Weverse and asked V: “Taetae are you lonely because you cant meet with the members?”

He then left a comment below which surprised ARMYs and felt it was so cool and true. He said that: “Aside from being bored I’m happy. You have to be apart for a bit to grow closer even family arent always stuck together with each other like this”. V is absolutely right because sometimes distance will help them realize how precious their time together is. BTS has been active together for the past 8 years and their time together is even more than family time. And now it’s time for them to have a little more time to themselves. But after such a long time apart, their feelings are stronger than ever because they cherish working together as a group.

Besides, V also revealed that he is not bored even during the quarantine period and even when not seeing the members in person, they still have their own way of making everyone feel like them. are still together. That’s when an ARMY asked if BTS kept in touch during this time? V immediately replied that they even talk 24 hours a day.

This is even verified by BTS interacting with each other through individual Instagram accounts and talking on Weverse with dense frequency. Even Jin and j-hope and some other members drank together online.

It seems that even when they have to be alone during self-isolation, BTS still cares and talks to each other as if they weren’t alone. ARMYs, after knowing this lovely story, also left a lot of comments about the closeness of the BTS members:

– They’re inseparable

– Awwwwwww

– I know that’s right

– lmao they connect to 7g

– strictly business relationship?

– nothing can separate them

– that saying is so true like even if u guys are apart the bonding between y’all will keep growing & will be strong

– That’s his family yes

– this is so true. reminds me of their reunion in bon voyage after their vacation in 2019. they kept talking about how much they missed each other

– no because he really said distance brings hearts closer

– Yes that’s true. I’m more in my room so whenever I go out I appreciate ppl and their existences even more than usually.They are a family. I don’t understand how some people can pair them romantically, it’s weird. – hey are so gonna sit on top of each other once they reunite