Big Hit Has Officially Takenℓєgαℓ ActionWith V’s Lawsuit Against Youtuber That Slandered Him


Making up malicious rumors related to artists is a common story in the Kpop fan community, especially among stars that attract great attention like V and BTS. Most recently, V is νι¢тιм of a Youtube channel specializing in spreading malicious rumors about many K-pop artists. After knowing this, V decided to ask the law to make this YouTuber suffer that he caused and today Bł₲ Ⱨł₮ has updated the official situation of the ιи¢ι∂єит.

Not long ago, a Youtuber who specializes in spreading malicious rumors about BTS, aespa, TXT, NCT, The Boyz and more uploaded a video in which V made up a story about V that he was ∂яυик, causing some trouble, and even ιиѕυℓт V, his family and friends. Some ARMYs, after knowing about this incident, posted on Weverse to urge other ARMYs to report this Youtube account.

V after coming across the post and personally responding with the intention of filing a lawsuit. V wrote in the comments, “Oh?!! I’ll proceed with lawsuits. I could earn some snack money. Mentioning my family and friends Bye~”

And V actually filed a lawsuit against this girl when in ‘s latest announcement, they detailed that they would force Youtube channels to bring false rumors about BTS to the law until the end. Below is the full announcement of Bł₲ Ⱨł₮


Most recently, this Youtuber also made up rumors of love between Jungkook and another actress. Looks like it’s time for her to be held accountable for her ̾d̾i̾r̾t̾y ̾deeds. She deserves the proper ρυиιѕнмєит!