BigHit Just Announces That Jin And RM Fully Recover After Testing Positive For ₵ØVłĐ-19 And Finish Quarantine Today


A few minutes ago, Big нιт announced that Jin and RM had completely recovered after ĆØVƗD-19. The above information comes after two BTS members completed tests as well as health checks after 10 days of home treatment since being confirmed to be positive for cσvíd-19. This makes ARMYs very happy because all members of BTS are in good health.

This is probably the next good news after SUGA was announced to have fully recovered as well as the news that ARMYs are most looking forward to in the New Year. Music recently made an announcement that the health of 2 members Jin and RM had completely recovered after a period of self-treatment at home under the guidance of the healthcare government. In the announcement, Bł ₲ Ⱨł ₮ Music said that Jin and RM’s self-quarantine will also end today.

10 days ago, after SUGA was confirmed positive for cσvíd-19, two members RM and Jin also received the same result. It is worth mentioning that RM returned from the US and was isolated for 10 days before, but received a positive result the day before the end of isolation. Meanwhile, Jin has been back to kσrєα for a long time and until that time, mild symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing… After that, all three members of BTS went through the process of self-isolation. isolation along with the treatment according to the government’s protocol, but fortunately during the illness, the members did not have any acute symptoms and have completely recovered today

In Bł ₲ Ⱨł ₮’s announcement, they also mentioned their gratitude for ARMY’s concern for members’ health, and also thanked the medical team who are working hard against ĆØVƗĐ- 19. Bł ₲ Ⱨł ₮ also reaffirmed to ARMY that they put the members’ health first and will always fully comply with the epidemiological and medical requirements set forth by the government.

Before the news was announced, ARMYs were extremely excited and left many comments congratulating the BTS members on being completely healthy and back on a wonderful holiday:

– I’m so happy that they’re fully recovered now

– Thanks God, they are healthy now

– Wheew chill my baby is done done! Imagine missing Christmas with family and friends! Thank God for your recovery

– Yoongi, Namjoon, Jin running freeeee

– Be healthy forever Namjoon, Jin, Yoongi

– Congratulations Namjoon and Jin, hope you take care yourself

– What a happy new year to them, so happy for them

– So happy to see them healthy again