Never mind her acting chops, fans are talking about Brie Larson’s feet at the moment. While critics are part of the usual challenges for actors, Brie Larson has also been in the spotlight for her ugly feet. The soles are not the best but seem to be acceptable in some shots. The toes are ugly in every way, though, even when taken care of. Yeah, bad feet alright –.

Her feet may be horribly misshapen and her toes disturbing, but Brie Larson’s feet are still among the most popular at Threenewz

What is seen can’t be unseen, I think she might have foot fungus. It’s so terrible to look at without gargling. You have been warned.

Brie’s Toes in the Spotlight

While acting critics may be a part of the usual challenges for celebrities, Larson has also been in the spotlight for her unusual physical attributes, more specifically, her feet. Reddit users have consistently posted photos of her toes peeking out from under her stunning red-carpet dresses, commenting how one toe, in particular, is a bit longer and that her toenails may have some sort of fungal infection. The gender-rights activist has been twitted a lot about not taking care of her toes with some fans blatantly saying she should at least get a proper pedicure and maybe visit a doctor to deal with the issue.

Other comments also suggest she should instead cover up her feet with closed shoes and not parade them in red carpet events. This may be quite the dilemma though. If the Captain Marvel actress is indeed suffering from a fungal infection, then she was probably advised by her doctor to wear open shoes to prevent moisture from making things worse down there.

All’s Well That Ends Well

However, fans have been speculating if the actress finally got around to having her toes fixed. In her latest red carpet appearance for the Avengers: Endgame premiere last April 22, in the Los Angeles Convention Center in Downtown LA, a noticeable change can be seen with her now-infamous feet teasing the spotlight.  It wasn’t the Christian Louboutin Loubi Queen heels that stole the show. Clipped, polished, and properly fitted to her metallic sandals, her freshly pedicured digits were the star of the night. Well, at least for the fans who keep on zooming in on her feet.

Just to be clear though, the pictures of Larson at the 2020 Oscars showed her posing with her right feet exposed, while the more recent pictures in the Endgame premiere were angled to the left side. Maybe her toes are not in such a bad shape, after all, nothing a quick trip to the salon can’t fix. We wait with bated breath for another red carpet moment with Larson to confirm this. Until then, her legendary toes will keep on haunting many more Reddit users to come.

What is Wrong with Brie Larson’s Feet

Her feet may be horribly misshapen and her toes disturbing, but Brie Larson’s feet are still among the most popular at WikiFeet, a photo-sharing foot fetish website dedicated to sharing photos of celebrities’ feet.

In contrast Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) of GOT has gone viral showing her amazingly aesthetic feet with long toes.

She also paraded her foot fungus at the premiere of her new movie ‘Unicorn Store’ during the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. Brie Larson felt no shame showing off her fungal nail infections

A direct sequel to 2018’s Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th!. Brie Larson may have had her toes fixed for the movie premiereBrie Larson may have had her toes fixed the movie premiere

Do you think Brie underwent foot surgery prior to the premiere of her new film?

Apparently, she does have a fungal toenail infection. If you want proof that it is not genetic, you should google image early images of her when her toes were totally fine.

Brie Larson Hands

Apparently, brie’s hands are much more ‘posh’ than her toes. Her fingers are nice long and her nails appear to be in healthy condition.

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