BTS And ARMY Dominate Twitter’s Most Popular Tweets Of 2021


Although recently BTS is dominating the social network Instagram, perhaps Twitter is still the undefeated land of BTS and ARMY. Recently Twitter has shown the strong influence of Kpop superstars and their army on this platform. Explore BTS’s records below:

2021 again marks a big year for both BTS and ARMY: from winning global awards to finally doing live concerts for the first time in two years, succeeding around the world. of BTS continues to increase. One clear indicator of their mαѕѕive growth is their popularity on social media, especially on Twitter. They have over 40 million followers and always dominate the platform’s trending topics with tweets that don’t stop loving them.

Twitter recently revealed the most popular tweets of 2021, using the hashtag #OnlyOnTwitter, confirming BTS’s mαѕѕive social media presence! Jungkook is a figure that ranks alongside US presidents as the creator of one of the year’s top-favorite tweets. His selfie from January 2021 is the tweet in second place; It currently has over 3.2 million likes

It comes in second only to Joe Biden’s tweet following the inauguration of the 46th president of the United States. The post in third place is from the official Twitter account, with fourth and fifth places being Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, and Kamala Harris, the current Vice President of the υиιтє∂ ѕтαтєѕ.

BTS also has the most retweets of the year; Their statement against anti-Asian v̾i̾o̾l̾e̾n̾c̾e ̾during the height of the Stop αѕιαи Hate movement has received over 1 million retweets. (Note that Twitter only counts one tweet per account in each category.)

In addition to BTS, ARMYs also showed their excitement as they continuously celebrated the group’s achievements by tweeting about their Billboard and Grammy success at the top of the list. #BTS is also the top hashtag of 2021, according to Twitter: “During a period in which we saw a rise in hate crimes against Asians, BTS put their influence and mαssive following to good use, sharing a powerful message in an effort to #StopAsianHate.”

Fans couldn’t be more proud of BTS after this news. “TWITTER KING JUNGKOOK” even trended as ARMYs praised his influence online! As we head into the new year, perhaps any of us can’t wait to see how BTS’s social media presence will grow in the future, especially now that the members are all on Instagram!