BTS Are Using Instagram As A Group Chat And ARMYs FindIt Hilarious


Recently, perhaps Instagram has become the busiest social network not only for ARMY because of the appearance of BTS members but also the bustle of all members. The members have made their personal Instagram interesting with their posts and stories in the comments section.

Since over a week ago when BTS members opened personal Instagram accounts to interact with fans after eight years since their debut, ARMYs have been restless because of any announcements from this application. . The members have been very active on the platform, posting photos of their lives, art, landscapes or personal photos, and even their own cooking. Besides, the members also explore different features on this platform to use, making the fans feel very interesting

Not only that, BTS members also often leave comments and interact under other members’ photos in a very natural way. They talked about many things like urging each other to wash dishes, complimenting each other’s handsomeness and even teasing each other. This very rarely happens when they share the same Twitter account.

ARMYs also find the members’ interactions on the social media platform lovely as members use the comments section to chat in their group and discuss various things. It seems that the comments section of Instagram has become the members’ chat room.

Here are some comments from ARMYs about these interesting things when BTS uses personal Instagram:

– “They’re so cute,”

– “This so adorable,”

– “They’re using the comment section as if it’s group chat,”

– “I can see each of their personality in the comment section,”

– “I find them so hilarious,”

– “this is why it’s so good to be part of their fandom,”

– “I laughed reading their comments.”