BTS has released tons of great music over the years. Likewise, their unreleased songs are awesome too!


Here are 7 unreleased BTS tracks and demos that every ARMY should listen to!

  1. Jungkook’s Annyeong demo
    Jungkook shared this demo on Twitter back in 2016 and ARMYs have been “praying” for a full version ever since!
  1. Spring Day Version of DRAW
    V’s version of Spring Day is very different from the version that all ARMYs know and love, but it’s also great!
  1. Eternally
    Leader RM once shared a piece of the unreleased song Eternally on Twitter. Is this a BTS song or his own solo track?
  1. Wings . Demo
    RM let ARMYs participate in his songwriting process a bit by sharing this demo of Wings. As you listen, you will hear that the theme of the lyrics is quite similar to the released version, but the tune has changed a lot!
  1. Jimin’s Kajjafeeluv
    Jimin came up with this tune while the group was working on Fake Love. He let Jin and Jungkook listen to the tune while filming Bon Voyage 3, and ARMYs have been hoping for a full version of the song ever since!
  1. RM .’s Fake Love Demo
    This version of Fake Love is more hip-hop-oriented than the released version, but it still gives ARMYs a sense of fun!
  1. Jungkook’s decalcomania
    Jungkook said he deleted all the files before this unreleased track. Fortunately, ARMY was able to save it.