BTS: J-Hope found a ‘treasure’ as a birthday gift

BTS' J-Hope is said to be the most active member on Instagram 💕. He just posted photos to celebrate V's birthday, but "coal" took millions of years to do.
When J-Hope doesn't curate his own feed of cute polaroids and Instagram stories, he likes and comments on the members' posts.
Early this morning, J-Hope rocked millions of ARMYs with his Instagram story of RM showing off his leader's muscular and toned physique.
Because right before V's birthday, ARMYs were excited to see what kind of photos J-Hope's 'Hope Film' would come up with on V's birthday tweet.
J-Hope certainly saw ARMY's excitement over his birthday post for V.
J-Hope first took to Instagram to share a polaroid photo of singer Winter Bear.
And V even retweeted his own Instagram story.
And then J-Hope took to Weverse to let everyone know that he posted some photos at the end of the day.
"I'll post a picture of our Taehyungie on Twitter after I'm done 💥💜😍 I'll spend a million years searching for my hard drive~   ".
Thank God I found the hard drive. "Treasure…".
The organization of the hard drive may have helped Marie Kondo create the big challenge. ARMYs were amazed that what they had only joked about before turned out to be true.
And the sentence "I think we are joking" became a "trend" just minutes after J-Hope posted on Weverse.
J-Hope's hard drive vault is indeed filled with priceless treasures as J-Hope uploaded several photos to Twitter to wish V a happy birthday.
Once for the present…
J-Hope's love train for V on his younger brother's birthday didn't stop there as he posted another story on Instagram.
All of the fans' feelings about these photos can be summed up in one meme.
Fans love to see J-Hope sharing his love for his members actively on social media.