BTS: Jungkook shakes hands with Suga as background music, straight to No.1 world trend


The combination of Jungkook and Suga is not seen as a hit because they are two opposing colors and have very high standards in music.

Recently, the official Twitter account of the online comic site 7Fates: Chakho said that the official background music will be performed by Suga and Jungkook BTS.

What is known so far is that Jungkook will be in charge of the vocals and Suga is the main producer for the song.

ARMYs all over the world were shocked to see in BTS In The SOOP:2 the scene where the two of them worked on a project. Apparently, that’s the reveal for the 7Fates soundtrack.

The world trend on Twitter is currently “#Suga” at No.1 with more than 300,000 posts and “Vocals By Jungkook” at No.10 with more than 20,000 posts.

  • Jungkook’s golden voice combined with Suga’s golden hands! Eagerly do not know where to put it all!
  • The couple Yoongi and Jungkook are really tycoons. Distinction and extreme standards are sure to be “dynamite” in the truest sense!
    What I’ve been wondering for a long time has finally been answered. Waiting to hear every day!

There’s been a lot of good news at the beginning of the year, ARMY, right?