BTS V’s Instagram feed impresses and proves once again that ‘V is the Vibe’



BTS members recently stunned the world by making personal Instagram IDs almost eight years after their debut. The members have since been very active on the app, and their followers are multiplying quickly.

Member V has not only been busy breaking records due to his massive popularity and exerting an instant dominance on the app but has been busy sharing small inputs of his life, travel, and art with fans as well. His account has the highest engagement% that Instagram has ever seen! Everyone seems to be smitten by what he’s doing.

#V’s feed is a beautiful amalgamation of his breathtaking visuals, his ardent love for photography, and his cute dog, Kim Yeontan. Not only have these posts won the hearts of armys, but also gained him followers like Hoyeon Jung from Squid Game and many international superstars as well. Troye Sivan was also seen appreciating V’s photography.

#The recent discussions among netizens about Instagram ‘vibe’ did make V rethink his initial posts, and he ended up deleting the viral photo of him dressed up as a squid game character, but fans couldn’t disagree more and believe that V’s name itself sets the bar very high and a vibe very healing.

With V experimenting with new styles every day and even posting spoilers of his self-composed songs, his Instagram profile is the talk of the town. His face is the aesthetic, and like the pied piper, his melodious voice is leading to his follower count increase at a rate never seen before!