BTS’s J-Hope Is Determined To Figure Out How Instagram Stories Work And ARMYs Think His Struggle Is Too Cute


#You’re doing great, sweetie!

#BTS‘s J-Hope is on his way to becoming an Instagram star, despite running into a few bumps along the way!

#His polaroid-themed feed is giving ARMYs all of the “boyfriend material” he’s known for posting. However, he’s recently moved onto becoming a pro at Instagram stories, too!

#Moving onto Instagram stories, he’s mastered the cozy selfie…

#…travel videos of himself on a plane…

#…and has even dabbled in his fair share of posting fan-created content!

#From adorable edits to stunning concert photos, he doesn’t miss a thing!

#Recently, while trying to promote his GQ Korea cover, it was more difficult than he thought.

#Looking for the feature to repost other peoples’ stories onto his own proved to be a struggle as he ran into a few issues that took him much longer than expected.

#Poor Hobi is pouring his heart and soul into learning the new app…

#…but ARMYs are so happy to see his dedication to staying in touch with fans!

#Next time he finds an issue with Instagram, he could just ask ARMYs on Weverse like he did before!

#Check out more from his Instagram journey below!