BTS’s J-Hope Just Helped An ARMY Pick Their License Plate Number And Here’s The Meaning Behind It


#Hobi is so clever!

#From words of comfort to wise advice, ARMYs can rely on BTS‘s J-Hope for anything.

#Plus, he knows a thing or two about cars — and looks good driving them, too!

#That’s why when a fan recently asked him for help picking a license plate number for their car, he didn’t hesitate to help.

#Unlike what ARMYs might have guessed, he didn’t pick 0613 (BTS’s debut date) or 0218 (his birthday). Luckily, he soon included the meaning of his choice!

#In Korean, people refer to a kiss/peck as a bbo-bbo (뽀뽀). “660” looks like bbo and “4” can be pronounced as bbo. When putting those numbers together, you get 6604, or bbo-bbo (kiss kiss)!

#If this sounds familiar, it is! J-Hope’s prison number in the “Butter” music video is 660660, also representing the word bbo-bbo.

#His explanation makes all the sense in the world!

#Next time you need a license plate number or even a lucky number, maybe opt for J-Hope’s kisses…because who doesn’t want that?