BTS’s Jimin’s TikTok Hashtags Boast Billions Of Views Making Him A True “Social Media King”


That’s billions with a B.

It’s no secret that BTS‘s Jimin is known as the “It Boy” in Korea. Jimin’s constantly topping the male idol brand reputation charts as whatever he’s seen wearing is constantly selling out.

So it’s no surprise that Jimin’s hashtag on TikTok has surpassed 82 billion views!

Without his own personal TikTok account, Jimin’s individual hashtag #JIMIN has 82 billion views. We’ve gathered his other top viewed hashtags with some of their most liked videos on TikTok below.

1.JIMIN 82.2 billion views

2.ParkJimin 20.0 billion views

3.jiminedit 1.3 billion views

4.jiminie 4.1 billion views

5.jiminbts 2.5 billion views

6.jiminshi 2.0 billion views

7.btsjimin 7.0 billion views

Each of those hashtags are in the billions of views! Are we surprised? Jimin has the brand power to sell out a $920 USD necklace from one single teaser photo.

Jimin’s powerful yet beautiful dance moves are predominantly what can be seen under these hashtags.

It just goes to show how loved Jimin is by ARMYs all around the world!