BTS’s Jin becomes the first Korean artist to stay in the Top 10 Most Mentioned Celebrities for 6 consecutive months


#BTS’s Jin keeps proving his popularity on social media every month. For example, he ranked #1 on this month’s Boygroup Member Brand Ranking Reputation chart, dethroning Jimin who was #1 on this chart for nearly 3 years straight.


Besides that, he became the first K-pop artist to appear in the Top10 of the Most Mentioned Celebrities on social media for six months straight (in the data powered by an American market intelligence company NetBase Quid). NetBase Quid company is working with AI technologies for analyzing the impact of consumer-directed decisions for such companies as Coca-Cola, American Airlines, Hyundai, United Airlines, Microsoft, Walmart, and more. NetBase Quid was founded in 2004 and is located in California.

In the new chart for December, Jin has ranked #4.


Jin is also the only member of BTS who constantly appears on the chart every month. The chart was launched in 2021, and since then, Jin has never left it.

More than that, he is the first Korean artist to top the chart twice!

#Jin keeps being one of the most talked-about celebrities every month by releasing new music, shining in BTS’s comebacks, demonstrating flawless vocals and visuals.