BTS’s Jin Had The Most Heartwarming Reaction To ARMY’s #MoonForJin Project During “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE”


BTS and ARMYs celebrated together! 💜

Although December is very special with Christmas on the horizon, it is also an important time for BTS and ARMYs, with the birthdays of members Jin and V falling during the month. In particular, December 4 marks the birthday of BTS’s oldest member Jin!

Even though Jin’s birthday isn’t officially until December 4 and the last show was on December 2, ARMYs still wanted to find a way to celebrate the special occasion with Jin in person during the last night of the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE show.

To do this, ARMYs created the #MoonForJinLA project, and the word was spread across social media. During the concert, ARMYs made sure to showcase their love and, at the start of the show, all raised hearts with Jin’s name in the air.

ARMYs showcased their creativity by managing to spell Jin’s name with their lightsticks throughout the crowd as everyone sang “Happy Birthday.” If that wasn’t enough, Then at the end of the show, fans all got moon covers and put them over either their ARMY bombs or their phones to create a sea of moons.

ARMYs were lucky enough to see the special event as the concert was streamed worldwide. More importantly, Jin was able to witness it in person, and he had the most touching responses to the combined efforts of everyone attending.

From the moment ARMYs all joined together to celebrate Jin’s special day, it was clear that the group’s oldest member was rightly emotional.

After seeing the project, Jin explained how he thought something was going to happen for him, but as it was nearing the end of the concert, he thought it might not happen.

And then we did the wave, and then I see this (Moon) with the ARMY bombs, and it’s really moving. So, actually, when we were saying hello, and you were raising those cards up, I tried not to move too much because I didn’t want to affect my performance.”

— Jin

Even when the concert had ended, and it was time for the final speech, Jin took every opportunity to share just how touched he was that ARMYs had done the project for him.

“Actually, I was really surprised today. Of course, I have received so much from you, but we’ve just been preparing these events. I didn’t think I’d be able to receive something from you.”

— Jin

With a small BT21 RJ on his head, Jin then explained that turning thirty and wearing it might have been weird, but he knew how much ARMYs would like it.

“It’s embarrassing, but I think I’ll keep on thinking about new things I can do. And I want to say thank you because you always fill me with confidence, and you always make me feel confident. I love you ARMY. Thank you.

— Jin

As expected, BTS continues to prove just how grateful they are for the love that ARMYs give them, and it is not surprising to see how touched they are after all the effort fans put into the project. The #MoonForJin project also shows how special the relationship between BTS and ARMYs is, and it is heartwarming.