BTS’s Lightstick Was Created By ARMYs


ARMY вσмв is always an eternal symbol of the ARMY squad and the ocean of lightstick makes us proud so much. But perhaps some ARMYs do not know that the first kind of BTS’s lightstick was not the ARMY вσмв. The first version of BTS’s lightstick is as simple and precious as BTS from the very beginning but thanks to this first version, it based the first stap of ARMY and BTS on the successful path.

Surely any ARMY is familiar with BTS’s lightstick called ARMY вσмв. ARMY вσмв was officially released in April 2015, two years after BTS debuted. The ARMY вσмв is in the shape of a globe, showing how international BTS’s ARMY is. The stick itself is black and has the BTS logo on the bottom of the handle. The following years ARMY Bomb was upgraded to different versions, the second version of ARMY Bomb came out in 2017, followed by ARMY вσмв 3 version in 2018 and the 4th version of ARMY вσмв came out. in 2020. And so far they have kept the same basic shape but slightly improved and added many advanced features.

As one of the top sold-out lightsticks in Kpop today, but the ARMY вσмв of the years BTS debuted, it never was such a hot item like this and even didn’t have the special shape. In 2014, when BTS started their first tour called The Red Bullet Tour, BTS didn’t have a lightstick of their own. This makes it a bit difficult for ARMYs to cheer on the members on stage. That’s why ARMYs at concerts in Seoul, Kobe, Tokyo, Manila, ṩïńġäṗöŕệ, Bangkok and Taipei used the Red Bullet Light Stick instead. Those were the first lightsticks of the ARMY Squad.

If you are ARMYs who have followed BTS since the first days with a concert of only a few thousand people, holding a small lightstick with yellow light and the words The Red Bullet in red, you will not be able to forget that memory. Although the sticks were only made of thin plastic and foam cores and yellow LED lights, the ARMYs of those days still created a blink sea of yellow light that helped the boys from the small company have wonderful performances.

From October 17, 2014 to March 8, 2015 and from June 6 to August 29, 2015, BTS performed songs from 2 Cool 4 Skool, O! RUL8,2 ?, Skool Luv Affair and Dark & Wild for a total of 13 Country songs. In total, The Red Bullet tour attracted 80,000 concertgoers. For many people this is a small number, and even BTS at the moment. However, it was probably the most memorable first lightstick for ARMY and the first great stage for the 7 boys.

Five years later, on the same tour, BTS sold out concert tickets at the 90000-capacity stadium – The Rose Bowl in just a few seconds. They had spectacular performances on the cathedral of e̾n̾g̾l̾a̾n̾d ̾ – the legendary Wembley Stadium. 8 years later they sold out tickets for 4 concerts at the 70.000 capacity stadium – Sofi Stadium in just a few seconds. They also got the most beautiful ฿Ø₥฿ wave ocean ever. Years later, ARMY’s lightstick has been changed, polished and more beautiful just like BTS from small company artists to Kpop superstars. But there’s one thing that both ARMY and BTS never forget is from their humble early days