BTS’s Nominated And Regretfully Unnominated Awards At GRAMMY 2022


The livestream announcing the nominations for the 2022 Grammy has just ended. With the previous 7 nomination categories, BTS has won 1 nomination for the pop duo/group performance category. This makes ARMY both happy but also a little regretful because what they expected is more than 1 nomination.

So the live broadcast of nominations for the categories at the Grammy 2022 has just ended. This is also the award ceremony that BTS and ARMY look forward to the most in the year after winning at the AMAs. This is the second time BTS has received a nomination at the Grammy.

According to previous information, BTS has nominated Butter for 7 categories including: Best best engineered album, Best pop/duo group performance, Best pop vocal album, Best music video, Record of the year, Album of the year, Song of the year.

And an interesting detail in the announcement of Grammy 2022 is that, Suga has been appeared in the credit of Blueberry Eyes of Max – which has producer is nominated for Producer of The Year, Non cla̾s̾sical. Hope that one day our genius producer will be officially mentioned here as the nominee for this award!

After the awards ceremony ended, ARMYs expressed their joy at seeing BTS being nominated at one of the biggest awards ceremonies on the planet. Hope that our boys will have nice result in Grammy 2022 with this nomination! After all, congratulations our boys!