BTS’s V Surprises ARMYs By Visiting His Own Birthday Events Set Up By Fans


He’s so thoughtful.

As we’re only a couple of days away from BTS‘s V‘s 26th birthday (27 in Korean age), fansites like NUNA V and VBAR have decorated parts of Korea and the world with Happy Birthday wishes for the artist.

Ahead of his 26th birthday, V took to Weverse to ask ARMYs where his birthday projects were being held around the city of Seoul.

“Can you guys tell me what places my birthday events are set up please??..“
Of course, ARMYs came in clutch and gave V all the best spots.

And V didn’t disappoint as he then treated ARMYs to a video and pictures on his Instagram story of him visiting some of his birthday projects.

V showed his love and appreciation for ARMYs’ efforts while braving the cold as he went to visit the pretty birthday lights!

He seemed a little shy to be taking a picture with his own birthday event as he posed and talked to the person behind the camera. “I’m a little embarrassed…are you done? Let’s leave.” Such a cutie!

ARMYs of course were ecstatic to see the “Winter Bear” singer enjoying the birthday gifts laid out by his fans.

V is so loved! Check out what V has been up to below.