Every single canned tuna recipe you could possibly need


Not sure what to cook with canned tuna? From tuna mornays, fish patties, pasta salads, nachos and wraps, we give you plenty of reason to keep this pantry staple in your cupboard at all times.

1 Tuna burritos

2 Tuna-ball puttanesca with spaghetti

The whole family with enjoy this tuna twist on classic spaghetti and meatballs.

3 Tuna, rice and spinach salad

It takes only eight ingredients to make this terrific tuna salad. 

4 Tuna, corn and egg pies

Here’s an inspired lunch guaranteed to pep up any lunchbox.

5 Tuna shepherd’s pie

For those of us who are on a budget, this hearty shepherd’s pie is full of goodness and tasty too.

6 Potato, corn & tuna patties

If you’re packing a lunch box today, don’t go past these fishcakes which include carrot, celery and corn to give them extra goodness, colour and crunch.

7 Easy canned tuna nachos

Try this easier nachos, loaded with canned tuna and fresh tomatoes and avocado.

8 Tuna mornay with crunchy chip topping

Matt Preston says, “In Australia we’re far classier with our tuna mornay. We improved the idea immeasurably by blanketing canned tuna in a fancy French sauce.”

9 Ready-in-a-flash tuna pasta

For a fast and satisfying meal, turn to this fresh tomato and tuna pasta that you can whip up in under 30 minutes.

10 Tuna, tzatziki and red onion rolls

For the perfect tuna toastie, add some tzatziki and red onion to the mix.

11 Tuna & avocado rice-paper rolls

12 10-minute tuna mornay rice bake

Dinner’s ready! Make the most of store-bought sauces and get food on the table fast with this 10-minute tuna mornay bake.

13 Tuna and kale rice salad with sesame soy dressing

With only 5 ingredients and ready in 5 minutes, this quick and easy lunch idea is also healthy. Tick, tick, tick!

14 Mediterranean-style tuna pasta salad

Head to the Med with this tasty salad that is not only a hit at the dinner table, but a great work lunch, too.

15 Tuna salad with lemon caper dressing

Make extra of this no-cook tuna salad and the rest to work the next day.

16 Easy tuna Caprese pasta

Take the flavours of Caprese salad and add gnocchi and tuna for a quick, easy and budget-friendly dinner.

17 Healthy tuna mornay

For low calorie comfort food try this healthier version of classic tuna pasta bake.

18 Tuna and avocado sushi salad

Inspired by sushi, for your next lunch try this healthy tuna and avocado salad for your next lunch.

19 Tuna nicoise poke bowl

Put a new spin on traditional tuna nicoise with this deliciously easy poke bowl recipe. Best of all it only takes 15 minutes to make!

20 Healthy tuna pasta bake

This cheesy tuna pasta bake is perfect dinner for those busy nights with only 10 minutes preparation and will keep all the family happy!

21 Tuna Caesar salad wraps

Ready in 10 minutes, this creamy tuna wrap is perfect for the lunchbox.

22 Tropical tuna and pineapple salad

For lunch or dinner, this rice salad with pineapple, tuna and cabbage is easy to throw together at the last minute.

23 Tuna sushi bowl

Have a sushi at home with our tuna sushi bowl recipe!

24 Tuna, olive, capsicum and herb

Try this healthy lunch idea of Tuna, olive, capsicum and herb, proudly brought to you by Arnott’s Vita-Weat and Taste.com.au.

25 Tuna patties with dill and caper dressing

Who doesn’t love the classic tuna pattie! Serve with greens and a creamy dill and caper dressing.

26 Tuna patties

The kids will love helping to make these super simple tuna and potato patties.

27 Tuna mornay balls

A classic makeover – these tasty tuna mornay balls are great for school and office lunches.

28 Tuna and tomato linguine

This hearty tuna pasta weeknight winner is perfect for hungry tummies. Plus the leftovers can be packed up for delicious and filling lunches, too.

29 Tuna and herb risoni salad

Ready in just 17 minutes, this simple tuna and pasta salad is great for lunch or dinner.

30 Tuna and sesame rice balls

Love sushi but don’t have a rolling mat? This delicious recipe is for you!

31 Italian tuna and rice bake

Use on hand antipasto, tuna and rice to create this quick budget weeknight meal!

32 Japanese-style tuna and rice

Quick, easy and filling, this Japanese-style lunch idea will keep you going all day long.

33 Tuna mornay bake

This delicious tuna mornay bake is a no-fuss favorite that takes only half an hour to make.

34 Easy tuna lasagne

This easy tuna lasagne with zucchini, capsicum and ricotta will become your budget family dinner of the season.

35 Tuna and salad rolls

For a quick, easy and transportable lunch, slice off the top of fresh bread rolls and fill with creamy tuna salad.

36 Tuna and corn fritters

Solve your weeknight dinner (or lunchbox!) dilemmas with these delicious tuna and corn fritters.

37 Tuna, zucchini and rice salad

Perfect for midweek meals, this 10-minute dinner is loaded with healthy ingredients including tuna, chickpeas and olives.

38 Tuna and vegie fritters

Turn a tin of tuna into these crunchy budget-friendly fritters that the whole family will love. Bulk up the meal with a fried egg.

39 Tuna and macadamia patties

These cooked tuna patties are filled with potatoes, green onions and breadcrumbs and then rolled in macadamia nuts and topped with tartare.

40 Speedy tuna risotto

Want risotto in a flash? This cheesy tuna version is ready in less than half an hour.

41 Charred broccoli and tuna pasta

This super quick broccoli and pasta dish is perfect for a weeknight meal or a tasty work lunch!

42 Rice and tuna snack

Fill your lunch-box with this great gluten-free lunch and snack idea.

43 Tuna, ricotta and spinach cannelloni

Boost the protein in traditional spinach and ricotta cannelloni by adding a can of tuna.

44 Simple tuna pilaf

This tuna pilaf recipe is the perfect rice dish for weeknight dinners or workday lunches.

45 Tuna mornay pies

Keep tasty tuna mornay pies on hand in the freezer and you’ll have dinner in a snap!

46 Tuna Turkish bread melts

Tasty tuna Turkish bread melts are quick and easy to make.

47 Tuna and chickpea patties

Surprise your friends with these satisfying tuna and chickpea patties. Served with a light salad for a complete meal.

48 Tuna panzanella salad

Turn a can of tuna into this fresh and flavoursome salad.

49 Tuna rice salad

This tuna rice salad makes for a healthy and delicious mid week lunch recipe. See notes section for FODMAP diet tips.

50 Nicoise-style tuna salad

A fresh, simple and healthy nicoise-style tuna salad, perfect for a quick dinner or lunch.

51 Spaghetti with tuna, capers and lemon

A simple spaghetti recipe like tuna, capers and lemon that’s easy to make and tastes even better.

52 Spicy tuna pasta salad

Whip up a quick bowl of tuna pasta salad for a healthy lunch or dinner.

53 Bruschetta with tuna salsa

Valli Little’s bruschetta with tuna salsa make a perfect starter for an Italian inspired feast.

54 Tuna panzanella salad

Add crunchy pieces of bread to your lunchtime tuna salad to make it extra hearty.

55 Tuna empanadas with olives and chilli

When all you’ve got is a tin if tuna, don’t despair! With a little pastry and some chilli your oven does the rest!

56 Tuna, corn and parsley fritters

These simple tuna, corn and parsley fritters are the perfect snack for a picnic or a lunchbox – and they are light on your wallet too!

57 Zingy tuna and chilli orecchiette

Cherry tomatoes and broccolini will brighten up your tuna orecchiette for a simply irresistible dinner that takes almost no time to prepare!

58 Tuna mornay dinner bowl

The classic tuna mornay has been transformed into a healthy dinner bowl the whole family will love.

59 Tuna pasta salad

Keep it fresh and simple this summer with a tasty tuna pasta salad.

60 Cheesy corn and tuna balls

These quick, easy and delicious balls are packed with mashed potato, cheddar cheese, tuna and corn. They’re perfect for a snack, quick budget dinner or lunchbox treat.

61 Baked tuna & spinach patties

These tasty tuna patties make a great after school snack for the kids.

62 Fettuccine with lemon tuna and capers

Make it fettuccine Friday with this zesty and easy-to-make pasta dish. Not only is this meal budget friendly, it’s on the table in 25 minutes, too, so you can relax and get set for the weekend sooner

63 Spaghetti with tuna balls

When you need dinner on the double, look no further than clever spaghetti with tuna balls – ready in just 20 minutes!

64 Spanish tuna pasta bake

For a quick and easy meal for the whole family, try this tasty tuna pasta bake.

65 Spaghetti with tuna and spinach

For a quick and easy weeknight meal try Curtis Stone’s zesty spaghetti tossed through with tuna and fresh spinach.

66 Tuna panzanella pasta

A high fibre weeknight dinner idea, ready in 25 minutes.

67 Quick tuna and lemon rice

Don’t spend hours making dinner – it only takes 20 mins to create this quick tuna and lemon rice.

68 Spicy tuna pasta bake

Give the classic tuna pasta bake a flavour kick with olives and chilli flakes.

69 Tuna pasta bake

For an easy mid-week meal, try this delicious tuna pasta bake created by Curtis Stone.

70 Tuna and corn pasta bake

Whip together a delicious family meal with this quick and easy 2-step tuna and corn pasta bake.

71 Pumpkin and tuna pasta bake

Have dinner on the table in just 30 minutes with this cheesy, pumpkin and tuna pasta bake.

72 Tuna melt bake

Weeknight cooking has never been easier! Throw together this tasty tuna melt bake and cook in the oven until golden and crispy!

73 Tuna & tomato salad

This tuna salad is as easy as it looks and can be served on its own or as a side dish.