Here Are 15+ Gifs Of BTS’s V Proving He Is Indeed “CGV”


#Imagine being so good-looking people don’t think you’re real?

#BTS‘s V is known for many things – his song writing talent, his lulling baritone voice, his cute pup Yeontan, his photography skills, and of course his face.


V’s perfect visuals have coined him the nickname “CGV” from ARMYs. His visuals are so good that it’s almost like he was made as a CG. Not only that, but V’s said that he only ever needs one take for a selfie.

We’ve provided some gifs from @vantegifs to help you visualize.

#Even in a hoodie, he’s good looking!

#He can dress up or down and still looks good.

#We almost didn’t notice how good his fit was because of his face.

#Can’t leave out V in red.

#If that didn’t have you all like this we don’t know what will!

#Check out more of V’s visuals below.