Hot rumors about BTS: V makes his girlfriend public, Jimin has a shady relationship

However, one of ARMY's "jobs" to hunt rumors is to pair up different reliable sources in the hope of clarifying information. Among the rumors, the issue of love is always the most concerned. Here are the latest news about it:
1. V reveals more about his relationship
Over time, Kpop is gradually becoming less harsh. When Chris Martin sang his hit My Universe, he pointed to the stage where Dakota Johnson was standing, and said she was his universe. Many international ARMYs have voiced that they hope one day the boys of BTS can make such love public.
According to rumors, V is in a stable relationship with an outsider. He will reveal many hidden meanings about his relationship and it will not stop. The most recent rumors point to V's girlfriend as Kim Dami. Recently, he released the song "Christmas Tree", which is said to support his close friend Choi Woo Shik in the movie Our Beloved Summer. However, Kim Dami is also the female lead in the film.
2. Jimin has a shady relationship
What a shocking rumor that Jimin was rumored to have a shady relationship with former Wanna One member Ong Seong Wu!
According to this rumor, the relationship between the two sides has started from 2018 until now. Indeed, Jimin was caught by fans with Seong Wu at Ha Sung Woon's concert and had many lovely interactions.
However, the close relationship between seniors and juniors in Kpop is not a strange thing. Somehow between Jimin and Seong Wu is considered shady.
3. Jin goes to see faces all day
There was a rumor that Jin is in a stable relationship with a girl and intends to get married. However, according to new rumors, he is busy "running a show" to see the faces of girls in Gangnam district. Seeing faces is not a strange thing in Korea, so this is understandable.
4. RM is not married
As a mature and mature person, RM was rumored to be married and have children. However, new rumors say that he is not married, has no children, does not have a boyfriend or girlfriend. All in all, RM is single. As a professional, responsible person, RM probably won't do anything to affect the group.
In addition, there are some other rumors like that J-Hope's parents are extremely close to Jisoo's parents. Like their son, J-Hope's parents are very open and sociable people. They are famous for being close with Super Junior's Leeteuk. Therefore, rumors with Jisoo's parents are not baseless. J-Hope is also expected to release a new mixtape in 2022.